Feature Film - Running on Empty

Key Grip

Music Video

StrictBizz - GoNow

Director of Photography

Produced by: Michael Trent (mtrentfilms.tumblr.com) @miketrent78 
Director/Editor: Matthew Besson 
Camera Operator: Ryan McCluskey

Grip: Justinian Difo
Grip: Gyasi Howard

Music Video

Jay$Wise - My Pen. 

Director / DP / Editor. 

Produced by Michael Trent (mtrentfilms.tumblr.com) @miketrent78 
A Cam: Ryan McCluskey. 
B Cam/Grip: Joe Grasso. 
Jib Cam/Grip: Nick Dronick. 

Music Video

The Phoenix Within - Free Myself

Gaffer and Camera Operator
for DP/Director Chris Newhard. Got to work with Simon Lorady and Shawn Breen as well. Performance footage shot in Aldan PA, a familiar town to my life.



Lots of fun with dramatic and artsy lighting. 

DP: Adam Peditto

Some recent Gaffer adventures.

Short Film Trailer

Director of Photography

Real fun shoot with a great crew and director. Hope to work with all these guys again! Excited to share the final product once its released. Very clever guy writer/director Matthew Besson.

Indie feature “The Church”
Grip/Electric swing.
Feb-March 2013 in West Philadelphia.

Worked on the movie “Patric” in Oct/Nov of 2012 in the G&E department. Scenic locations and lots of fun studio lighting.


A little dance video I did for some friends